Motivation: Resistance Revolution

Resistance Revolution is an acid trip in visuals challenging you to run through a vibrant, hole-filled cylinder while being overwhelmed by a collage of hexagonal color chips. With deft ninja coding skills Michael Brough developed Resistance Revolution in a mere 5 hours. Though the game is short, getting through it took a few tries (and some slight glitching). What ultimately drove me to complete the game was what was at the end of the tunnel. The color palette contrast distinguishes the object in the distance and it’s the primary reason I wanted to reach the end rather than accepting I had seen enough were the game to be an infinite runner.

Resistance Revolution with the (barely visible) object in the distance

Resistance Revolution with the (barely visible) object in the distance

Michael Brough (aka smestorp) develops visually interesting games like this all the time. You can find Resistance Revolution as well as countless other games, including my favorite 868-Hack, on his website

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